Alternative Work Schedules

Imagine if you could have every weekend, or every other weekend, be a three-day weekend!

Alternative work schedules (also called flex schedules) are compressed work weeks that allow an employee to work longer hours in fewer days. You could work four 10-hour days each week with one day off, or work 80 hours in 9 days with an extra day off every other week.

An alternative work schedule reduces trips because it eliminates a day that you would otherwise have to go into the office. Employee surveys have found that alternative schedules are a great employee benefit and can help employers retain valuable employees.


The benefits of an alternative work schedule include:

  • Allows flexibility to shift to, or continue using an alternative commute mode.
  • Allows “off peak” (non-rush hour) commute times.
  • Decreases time spent commuting.
  • Enables more control over work schedules.
  • Extends hours of customer service and production.