Car Sharing

Car sharing has become an increasingly popular way to have convenient access to a car without the hassles and expense of owning one.

What exactly is car sharing?
Car sharing is when an agency or company provides a group of cars that are available for use to its members. The cars are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Zip car / car sharing

Members usually pay a one-time membership fee, and then pay for the use of the car based on an hourly or daily rate. You do not pay for gas, insurance, maintenance, or all of the other costs normally associated with owning your own car. Car reservations are extremely easy to do and can be made over the phone or through a web site.

Car sharing offers a great way to provide you even more flexibility if you choose to use alternative trip options. For example: if you would like to ride your bicycle to work one day, but know that you have a doctor’s appointment in at a different location , you could use a car sharing car to go to the doctor’s appointment. This would still allow you to bicycle to work, get some great exercise, but still make it to your doctor’s appointment.