Carpooling can be a flexible and convenient alternative to driving alone.

Finding a carpool partner can be easy.
Carpools can vary based on the participant’s preference. It just depends on how you set things up. It may be as simple as talking to your co-workers to see who might live near you and may be interested in setting up a carpool.

One of the easiest ways to find a carpool partner is to create a confidential account on RideshareOnline. By creating an account and going to the Ridematch section of the web site, it will allow you to create a trip and it then will automatically match you up with other users in the system. It is a confidential carpool matching system that will allow you to contact potential matches via e-mail to start the discussion about possibly setting up a carpool


Car poolingThings to Consider

  • One person can do all the driving with riders contributing to the cost of the commute, or the riders may share driving and not exchange any money between them.
  • Many employers offer incentives for carpooling like prime parking spots or free parking.
  • Schedules can change from day to day, week to week, or they can stay the same for however long you and your partner work out.
  • You can have two people in a carpool or more if schedules allow.
  • Carpooling is convenient, cost effective and easy. You can make the carpool arrangements fit your needs. Whether it’s comfort, reduced travel time, or money savings, carpooling has numerous benefits.