C-TRAN offers a Commuter Vanpool service for those commuters who do not have an option of using the bus system to commute to and from work.

Anyone whose commute starts, stops, or passes through Clark County is eligible for the program.  A vanpool is a prearranged group of 5 to 13 people who share a ride to and from work on a regular schedule.  Vanpools function much like a carpool except C-TRAN provides the vehicle.  The group provides its own volunteer drivers and this allows them to control their own route and schedule. C-TRAN has both mini-vans and 12 passenger vans for lease. Each vanpool must have a primary driver and at least 1 back-up driver. For a vanpool, a minimum of 5 fare paying passengers is required.



How Does it Work?


Vanpool passengers pay a low monthly fare based on daily round trip mileage.  This is divided by the number of riders in the van to determine the individual fare.  These fares cover the cost of operating the vanpool, including fuel, insurance, and maintenance.  It also includes an Emergency Ride Home Program so that no one is stuck at work in the event of a personal emergency.

For more information on vanpools, please contact C-TRAN’s Vanpool Program  or call (360) 906-7510.