ETC Program Resources

As the Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) you’ve got an important job. You are one of the most important elements in your company’s Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) program. As the ETC, you are responsible for implementing, promoting and administering the CTR program at your worksite(s). The Clark County CTR office provides several resources to assist you in your ETC role.


Networking /Training Opportunities

ETC Network Meetings
Attendance at ETC Network meetings is required for CTR affected worksite ETC’s. The ETC has the option of attending the Wednesday morning meeting (9:000 A.M.-10:30 A.M.) or the Wednesday afternoon meeting (1:00 P.M. – 2:30 P.M.). Both meetings are located at the Outreach Center at US Digital. The 2018 ETC Network meetings are January 10, May 9, and September 12. Email the CTR Administrator or call 360-487-7733 for more information.

 The ETC network meetings provide an opportunity to network with other ETC’s in the program, as well as receive valuable training and current campaign/event information.



Brochures and Materials for Distribution at your Worksite

Clark County CTR Rack Cards
There are CTR brochures that explain the Emergency Ride Home program and the altnerative commute options available to distribute promote CTR at the worksite. Email the CTR Administrator  or call 360-487-7733 for more information.

Clark County CTR New Employee Kit
The Clark County CTR office provides ETC’s with New Employee Kits to distribute to new hires at your worksite. The kit includes a welcome letter explaining what CTR is, as well as information about the CTR program.

Promotional Materials
Seasonal and campaign-specific posters are available to promote the commute trip reduction at your worksite.

Carpool Materials
The Clark County CTR office provides resources free of charge to employers who want to provide carpool/vanpool (HOV) parking spaces. There are “Reserved Carpool Parking” metal signs (employer needs to provide metal posts) to identify carpool parking spaces. Also, there are rearview mirror numbered carpool parking permits available to distribute to employees participating in your carpool program. Contact the CTR Administrator by email CTR Administrator or call 360-487-7733 for assistance in designing a carpool program for your worksite.

Cycling the City  Bike Map, Bike Guide & I-5 Bridge Map
The City of Vancouver provides free bike map (Vancouver, WA & Portland, OR), Bike Guide (a 26-page guide providing tips for safe, enjoyable bike rides) and I-5 Bridge Map (for the commuter who bikes across the I-5 Bridge). Email the CTR Administrator  or call 360-487-7733 for more information.


Transit Information

For C-TRAN system maps or schedules go to C-TRAN’s website.