Survey & Annual Report

Bi-Annual Survey

CTR affected worksites must conduct a measure of employee commute behavior every two years to analyze their progress toward their CTR goals.

There are two ways to survey your employees – the traditional paper scantron version or an online version. Both have their advantages in achieving a high response rate. The CTR Administrator will work with your worksite’s Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) to determine which survey instrument is best for your worksite. Survey training and support will be provided by the CTR Administrator. 



Annual Report

Each year the CTR law requires employers to complete an Employer Annual Report and Program Description form. This is your opportunity to report the program elements your company used to promote alternatives to driving alone, the progress made toward meeting CTR goals, and your plan for the upcoming year.

The CTR Ordinances for Clark County and for the Cities of Vancouver, Camas and Washougal allow for a biannual submission of the full annual report with an update on off years. At the discretion of the CTR Administrator or Jurisdictional Representative a worksite may be required to submit a full report annually. Not submitting your Employer Annual Report and Program Description form is a violation of the CTR Law. Prior to the due date, for exceptional circumstances a worksite may request an extension.

The CTR Office will provide the support and training necessary to complete your worksite’s annual report.