Washington County

  • The Westside Transportation Alliance (WTA) is a great resource for the southbound commuter. It provides transportation information and resources for the Southwest Washington commuter who works in Washington County.


    What southbound solution works for you?


    Sharing a ride with one, two, or even three other southbound commuters is the most flexible way to cut down on the cost of your southbound commute.

    Do you need to find a carpool partner? One of the easiest ways to find a carpool partner is to create an account on the RideshareOnline site. By creating an account it will allow you to create a trip and it then will automatically match you up with other users in the system. It is a confidential carpool matching system that will allow you to contact potential matches via e-mail to start the discussion about possibly setting up a carpool.

If you know of five to twelve people who live in the same area and want to share a ride to a Washington County worksite you might want to consider forming or joining a C-TRAN vanpool. For more information, please call 360-906-7510.

    There are several options available to southbound commuters who want to relax during their commute and leave the driving to someone else. With the cooperative efforts of C-TRAN and TriMet, there may be a transit route that is a perfect fit for you!

    For information on C-TRAN routes traveling to and from Portland go to C-TRAN’s Commuter Map.

    If you use C-TRAN limited service to MAX light rail stations (Delta Park/Vanport and Parkrose/Sumner) you can catch the TriMet Bus or MAX line that takes you to work. Please Note: Only C-TRAN All Zone or Express Zone fare instruments can be used on TriMet.

    For more information about C-TRAN fares and where to buy tickets and passes go to C-TRAN’s Fare Information.

    For assistance with trip planning contact C-TRAN Call Center at (360) 695-0123.

    While Washington County may seem like a far bike ride, depending on where you live in Southwest Washington, it could be a good option for you. You can ride the whole distance or you could ride your bike to a bus stop or transit center and either leave your bike there if secure facilities are available or you could take your bike with you.

    Both the I-5 bridge and I-205 bridge have bike paths that are accessible from both Vancouver and Portland. The City of Vancouver has a bike map that shows routes within Clark County and Vancouver to the bridges. If you’d like a copy of the Vancouver Bike Map, you can send us an e-mail that includes your name and mailing address and we’ll send one to you right away!